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Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd. Participate in Beijing International Fair

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Mr. Yang-the general manager of Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd. participate in the opening ceremony. 

     On June 3rd, 2015, the 12th China International Battery, Raw Material, Producing Equipment and Battery Parts Fair were held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Meanwhile, Beijing International EV Technology Fair was held.


Exhibition stands of Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd.


     We dressed up for this fair. We showed our technology level and battery which applicable to Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes, Consumer Electronics and etc. During the exhibition, we receive more than 300 guests and distribute 600 catalogues of our company. In our exhibition stand, we also receive the guidance from Mr. Wang who is EV battery lab director of north China vehicle research institute and EV battery testing center director of state 863 electric cars. We also received high praise from experts in the field of battery.


Introduction on site


     Our company depends on Golden Dragon Precise Copper Group who is the world top 500 enterprises. We began to research and develop LiFePo4 battery in 2011 and established Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd. in 2007. From raw material and separator to LiFePo4 battery, the completely industrial chain has been initially formed. Our batteries have been widely used in electric bike and motorcycle, electric vehicles, special vehicles, consumer electronics and energy storage system.
Henan lithium Power Source Co., Ltd.
June 8th, 2015

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