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Welcome vice-president of Sunwoda, Wang Wei, to our company and have a visit.

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       Wangwei (vice-president of Sunwoda), Zhangyao (president of academy), Chen qiuguo (investment manager) and Ai Min (president of Rice VC firm) visited Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd at morning of 25th Nov. The two company also have a discussion on future cooperation.

Yangtao, president of our company, make an on-site explanation 


       At the company of our general manager, Yangtao, they came to exhibition hall at first. Mr. Yang made an introduction on our products which used on consumer electronics, electric vehicle, electric bike and energy storage system in details. So the customers could have a fully understanding of our battery products especially our advantages on technology and performance. Sunwode, which is domestic first-class li-ion battery module supplier, spoke highly of our innovative technology on module combination.

Visit new production line

       After that, they visited our new production line. Our production line of high energy density power battery, reached 150,000,000Ah per year. It is one of the most advanced power li-ion battery production line in the world and equipped with overseas high-end production equipment. So that our production equipment in a leading international level. Wangwei and others knew our company better in many aspects such as products, sales, technology, production equipment and etc after this visit. Sunwode strengthened cooperative intention with Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd. The two companies will make contribution to developing environment-friendly li-ion battery industry. 

Marketing Department

Dec., 17, 2015

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