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The visiting of Beijing Municipal Comission of Economy and Information Technology and FOTON

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       On 18th Feb.2016, Zhang Boxu (Director of Beijing Municipal Comission of Economy and Information Technology), Yang Guotao (Vice-general manager of FOTON) and others which companied by Wang Xiaoping (Mayer of Xinxiang), Wang Yumin (Vice-Mayer of Xinxiang) and Yang Shuyan (Vice-president of CPPCC) came to Henan Lithium Power Source Co., LTD and have a visit. Yang Tao who is the manager of our company and other colleagues gave them a warm welcome. After study on company’s current situation and production and operation, guidance on future development and planning has been given. 


       Our technical director showed them around our new factory. New factory is equiped with top machine which employed form Japan and Korea. The yearly output of battery amounts to 120million ampere hour. Recently work for the company’s achievements fully affirmed by Yang Guotao who is the vice-manager of FOTON. Director Zhang suggested that more attention should be paid on technology development and quality after introduction of manafacturing equipment. High-grade, precision and sophisticated products win the market. In order to lead the development of battery industry, company should focus on not only auqlity but also innovation.

Feb., 18, 2016

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