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2001-- Cooperation with 713 Academy of Sciences, the company began to R&D and produce Lithium batteries and related materials. 
2004-- Began to manufacture Li-ion battery successfully. "Power Lithium-ion Battery and Manufacturing Technique" is recognized as a scientific and technological achievement of Henan Province.

2007-- Power li-ion production line was built which specialize in researching, manufacturing and selling power li-ion battery.

2009-- Set up Henan Lithium Power Source Co., Ltd with 300million registered capital.Two production lines were built and production capacity reached 0.3GWh.

2010-- Obtain certification of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and GB/T28001-2001. 

2012-- Power batteries obtain more than 10 types of national patent. Battery products access to certification of ROHS, UL, UN, CE and etc. Battery for energy storage sell well at overseas. 

2014-- Power battery products matching with various vehicle types which permitted to produce by nation. Running mileage of electric vehicle which is driven by our li-ion battery is 100,000km.

2015-- The laboratory for EV and ES power system research center was built. Battery products received Quality Award from warden of Muye. Project of 1.48GWh production capacity starts.

2016-- We were listed in the enterprise directory upon Conditions for the Automobile Power Battery Industry issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. First stage project of 1.48GWh production capacity finished. Quantity of vehicles with our battery more than 50000 and no operation failure.  
Win the title of“Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop”.It became the first li-ion battery company in China whose products applied to heavy-hauled vehicles successfully.
2018-- Make strategic and cooperative relations with Dongfeng Motor. Therefore company makes more than twice sales revenue than ever. The company is a battery-maker whose system’s energy density more than 160Wh/Kg.

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